Women, Children & Books at Glass Gallery

The artwork from The Fairy Tale Project was on display this summer in an exhibition titled “Women, Children & Books” in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  It was presented by The City of Pembroke Pines Glass Gallery, The Arts & Culture Advisory Board, The Parks & Recreation Department & Pembroke Pines Art Curator Benoit Menasche.

art gallery 5 image

Thank you to the Sun Sentinel for their reporting:

Sun Sentinel: Gallery To Host ‘Women, Children and Books’ Exhibit, by Chris Guanche, Forum Publishing Group, 7/05/13: “The fantasy images will be part of “Women, Children and Books,”… The all-women exhibit, featuring 10 artists, will include stand-alone paintings, as well as illustrations created for children. It also marks the first time the gallery has run an exhibit featuring only women artists.  Menasche said the exhibit’s theme was inspired by the illustrations of one of its artists, Jacklyn Laflamme.”

Glass Gallery Exhibit

Thank You to the Pembroke Pines Town Times:

pg 52 with outline 295pxAnd Thanks to Pembroke Pines City Connect:

The Opening Reception was a lot of fun and we were joined by Ladle the Leap Frog.

Thank you to all who attended and to our family and friends for their ongoing support.


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