Fairy Tale Project Book

The Fairy Tale Project Trilogy soft cover book has 100 count 8”x10” pages including 32 full color pages of original artwork, acrylic on canvas paintings, by award winning artist Jacklyn Laflamme painted especially for The Fairy Tale Project Trilogy along with numerous original sketches. The book includes the stories of Will and the Magical Forest, Will and the River of Enchantment and Will and the Crystal Fairy written by author Dani Lynn.

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The Fairy Tale Project Trilogy 400

The Fairy Tale Project Trilogy is about Will, a city boy who goes to visit his Grandpa Otus out in the country in the small town of Astrophyllite. The story follows Will and Grandpa Otus on an adventure through a magical forest where they meet some delightful and some downright frightening creatures that teach them patience, to take time and enjoy life, and also give them the opportunity to face their fears, something they discover they are capable of through the power of love. 

After journeying through one realm after another in this mystical world, they make their way back home with a renewed appreciation for life, and for Grandpa Otus, an understanding of the need to honor his inner child and give him the attention he deserves… which in turn, makes for a stronger and happier adult.

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Reading Level ~ Grade 3

Interest Level ~ Age 4-12 Years

Enjoyment Level ~ Unlimited!

Part One, Will and the Magical Forest: As a young boy, Grandpa Otus had a frightening experience in the magical forest and warned his grandson Will never to go near the dark, wooded area. But Will, upon being distracted by a playful frog, followed it directly into the forbidden forest. Forgetting his own fear, Grandpa ran right in to catch up with Will and right through an unseen portal, finding himself transformed into a young boy once again. Our travelers encounter the dreadful bophants and also the giant Namura who gives them a spell to awaken the Sphinx with the hope that he will show them the way home.

Part Two, Will and the River of Enchantment: Will and Grandpa Otus meet some delightful creatures including fairies, gnomes, an enchanted unicorn and more along the River of Enchantment including the infamous Thiesel the Alligator, as they continue on their journey in search of the Sphinx.

Part Three, Will and the Crystal Fairy: After journeying through one realm after another in this magical, mystical world, Will and Grandpa Otus find themselves in the very peculiar cave of the Sphinx as they attempt to answer his riddle in order to make their way back home. They meet a number of fanciful characters including the magical Crystal Fairy on their memorable journey.

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For our metaphysical readers:  The spirit energies of the creatures are reflected in their personalities and the encounters with them.  Creatures like Joy, an otter who encourages them to take time out to play with her along the river.  And the little ladle leap frog, the appearance of which hints that an opportunity for transformation and growth is at hand.  There’s also Namura, a giant living in the magical forest.  Here’s a secret…  the hieroglyphics pictured in her ancient book of spells and incantations are real.  They tell the story of a journey, just like the one Will and Grandpa Otus are on.  There’s even a Sphinx, a creation of illustrator Jacklyn Laflamme’s imagination.  Will and Grandpa Otus also encounter a unicorn along the River of Enchantment, “…a magnificent creature, white with gold hooves and a magical golden alicorn.”  The storyline surrounding the unicorn is one of beauty, purity and laughter, a moment of magic for Will and Grandpa Otus.


Available Now on Amazon


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