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Children’s literature has a special place in our hearts. But it does more than just entertain us. It invites us to ask questions about what we know and what we’ve yet to learn by expanding our knowledge of the world around us. A good book inspires us to dream, to explore other places and times, and allows us to imagine what it might be like to stand in someone else’s shoes, fostering empathy towards others and so much more.

We invite you to join The Fairy Tale Project in “igniting a creative spark” in children by sharing our books with your children, grandchildren, family, friends, neighbors or students.

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Lighthouse Artcenter Museum, Tequesta, Palm Beach, FL

Children have incredible imaginations.  They are so uninhibited and their minds overflow with creativity.  Our goal is to create an environment for them to experience and see the process of literature and art merging together, to ignite a creative spark within their soul and inspire them to read, write and find the artist within themselves.  ~Jacklyn Laflamme, Artist/Illustrator

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(C) Jacklyn Laflamme

“I, Mandrake, am the best magician in the village!” proclaimed one.

“We’ll see about that,” replied the other.

“I, Glisimer, am the best magician in all of the forest!”

And with that, both raised their magic wands!

POOF!          CRACKLE!        SIZZLE!        POOF!

The brightly illustrated Fairy Tale Project books spark the imagination in children of all ages.

  • Explore the Magical Forest and enrich your child’s reading experience
  • Encourage good lifetime reading habits
  • Enhance your child’s reading, vocabulary and comprehensive skills

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Studies show that children who share “Story Time” with parents have:

  • Better reading skills
  • A larger and more advanced vocabulary
  • Improved reading comprehension
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